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Doctor Who?, also called Who is Doctor Who? and Defending the Earth!, which had the url whoisdoctorwho.co.uk, was an Earth-run website originally created by Clive Finch.

It had a photograph of the Ninth Doctor and asked to contact Clive if anyone had seen him. On 5 March 2005, Rose used search-wise.net to find the website and began emailing Clive about the Doctor. (TV: Rose)

By 2006, Mickey Smith had taken over the www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk website, which contained classified information about UNIT. This fact was mentioned in a report created by Sergeant Catherine Petts submitted on an operations board in a secure part of the UNIT website, and Sergeant J Frinkstein changed the passwords to the site, though Major Jenny Maguire's suggestion to plant misinformation onto the site was seemingly denied by Sergeant A. Frederick. (PROSE: Rose Tyler)

The Tenth Doctor scrolls past Henry van Statten's interview on Defending the Earth!. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

When the Tenth Doctor looked up H.C. Clements on a mobile phone on Christmas Eve 2007, one of the pages he went past when he used his sonic screwdriver on the phone was Defending the Earth!, which had an interview with Henry van Statten. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

Behind the scenes[]

Who is Doctor Who? (titled simply Doctor Who? in the search engine results in TV: Rose) is a real website that tied into series 1 of Doctor Who. It initially had simply the Ninth Doctor photograph and a "sightings" page, which during the active life of the site contained a web form with which users could submit their own "sightings" of the Doctor, under whichever name they wished. After a short delay, new sightings would be added to the page. Additional user-generated pages of this type were added for several episodes' updates to the site. Amusingly, the basic purpose of the "sightings" page was essentially to allow the public to add events to the real-world version of a Doctor Who universe website.

Several reader entries allude to characters from the classic version of the show:

  • One particular entry describes a sighting of the Ninth Doctor "wearing some old Edwardian outfit" and "muttering 'They’re all gone, I'm the only one left'," seemingly a reference to the end of the Last Great Time War and implying that the events that ended it led to the Eighth Doctor's regeneration into the Ninth. That suggestion was later supported by a few stories released in the 2000s - most notably The Forgotten and Don't Step on the Grass - but it was thoroughly contradicted by The Day of the Doctor (and the many stories featuring the War Doctor which it spawned).
  • Several entries state that the Doctor has been giving up items and clothing from his past regenerations. For example, he "tried to swap [the Eighth Doctor's] Edwardian gear at an Oxfam in Sheffield for a pair of jeans and trainers" and has dumped a flute (perhaps the Second Doctor’s recorder), a velvet jacket (probably one of those worn by the Third Doctor), and a long scarf (likely one of the Fourth Doctor's) at the local tip. The Doctor then says he “never really liked cricket either"; this may reference the Fifth Doctor‘s love for cricket.
  • One reader states that she worked at a cinema near Totters Lane in 1963. She met an older, white haired gentlemen who called himself the Doctor and a girl she assumed was his grand-daughter. The movie showed on the evening was about the fall of Rome. After the showing, the man started ranting that the movie was historically inaccurate, and was later kicked out. The reader then saw him go back to a junkyard afterward, never to be seen again. She believes the gentleman and the Doctor are connected somehow.
  • Another entry says, “He argued with a little man with an umbrella.” This may reference the Seventh Doctor, who was short and had a question-mark umbrella.
  • Several readers reference a "pale skinned", "very tall woman" who either "had next to nothing on" or was "dressed in what looked like a sari or something", heavily implying they saw the companion Leela.

Other entries have been submitted by familiar characters from the classic series:

  • Sarah Jane Smith writes in to say she is looking for an exclusive interview with the Doctor; anyone with information should contact her at the Daily Mail.
  • A “Mr. Yates” says, “Do not concern yourself with the Doctor or his doings. He is not the man you think he is and he is not involved in the manner you think he is. I should know, he changed my life completely.” From the submitter's last name and what he advises Clive, it seems this was sent in by Mike Yates.
  • Another entry submitted by Peri Brown says, “The Doctor walked into my life and out of my life.” She then asks Clive if he has any information on the Doctor, as she is looking to reconnect.
  • A notable entry by a certain Arthur Dent is also present; Dent mentions that the Doctor had once laid himself before a bulldozer in front of Dent's home. This encounter was later alluded to in TV: The Christmas Invasion, when the Tenth Doctor refers to Arthur Dent as a "very nice man".

After Clive's death in the story, Rose, Mickey Smith took over, writing fictional articles about various events, including the 2005 Auton invasion of London, the attempt by the family Slitheen to destroy the world and Guinevere One's flight to Mars, amongst others.

The site was renamed "Defending the Earth!" during series 2 and had missions for the readers of the website to help Mickey as he seemingly decided it was hard to do things all by himself, allowing the readers to help combat alien invasions.

Once Mickey was left in an alternate reality in The Age of Steel, a "David R" took over, the missions were replaced with games and a quiz was added to test the readers of the website about what David, Mickey, Clive, LINDA and various other groups had researched over the last few years. However, by the end of series 2, the website was no longer being updated.

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