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Who on Earth is Tom Baker also known as Just Who on Earth is Tom Baker? is a documentary-drama released by Reeltime Pictures in 1991.

Part-fiction, part-documentary, Tom Baker plays all roles and is both interviewer and interviewee as well as the narrator, it is supposed to spoof documentaries and interviews with Tom Baker previously.

None of the elements of the comedy documentary are supposed to be taken seriously, as most of it is entirely fictitious for the purposes of the video.

Synopsis []

Tom Baker sets out to uncover the many sides of his personality including alter-ego the Fourth Doctor

Tom discusses with himself what he's really like, to show viewers an alternate side to him, not very often seen. 


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Story notes[]

  • The story was directed by Tom Baker's spouse.
  • William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton played the Doctor.

Home media[]

The DVD cover

  • It was released on VHS in 1991 and DVD in 2015.