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Who Trumps was a video game published on the classic Doctor Who website. It was based on a Top Trumps game.

How to play[]

The game had a set of 20 cards. On each card there was a picture of a character in Doctor Who with scores up to 10. All that the player to do is to choose the best category out of four categories in order to have a better score than the computer. The goal was to get all the cards of the opponent. The four categories are: Strength (Force), style, intelligence and Fear Factor (Factor of fear)


  • The TARDIS - A truly unique time machine
  • The First Doctor - A citizen of the universe and gentleman to boot.
  • The Second Doctor - Cosmic hobo, or dangerous clown?
  • The Third Doctor - Space-travelling dandy with a love of velvet and venusian akido
  • The Fourth Doctor - Confounding villains in a whirl of scarf, teeth and curls.
  • The Fifth Doctor - Charming mostly-unconscious cricketer
  • The Sixth Doctor - Genuinely terrifying vegetarian space bully
  • The Seventh Doctor - Bumbling incompetence hides a dark agenda.
  • The Eighth Doctor - A Doctor you could take home to meet your mum.
  • Sarah Jane - Frankly fab feminist.
  • K9 - Endearingly smug robot dog
  • Romana (Romana II) - Stylish Time Lady - witty, charming and a great dresser.
  • Adric - Pyjama-wearing mathematical genius
  • The Daleks - Ruthless mutant machine race dedicated to Extermination
  • Menoptra - Alien butterfly men
  • Early Cybermen - Robot mummies from Earth's twin planet
  • The Ice Warriors - Martian warriors with sonic guns
  • Quarks - Is it a robot? Is it an air-freshener? Who can say?
  • Yeti - Artificial abominable snowmen
  • Telosian Cybermen - Cunning, deadly and vicious warrior cyborgs
  • Cybermats - Alarmingly cute cybernetic rodents
  • The Krotons - Art-deco vacuum cleaners with big plans
  • Silurians - Reptile rulers of the earth.
  • The Master - Hypnotic criminal mastermind with a taste for black
  • Omega - Time Lord ruler of a universe of anti-matter
  • Sea Devils - Underwater reptiles in string-vests.
  • Ogrons - Ape-like henchmen to the Daleks
  • Draconians - Noble warrior race
  • Giant Maggots - Sinister products of global pollution
  • Sontarans - Alien clone warriors
  • Giant spiders - Mutant spiders with plans for universal conquest
  • Wirrn - Parasitic alien insects
  • Davros - Crippled creator of the Daleks, the ultimate evil genius
  • Zygons - Body-swapping aliens who terrorised Loch Ness.
  • Nimon - Oddly balletic intergalactic bull
  • The Fendahl - Strangely wormlike embodiment of fear
  • Terileptils - Cloak-wearing reptilian criminals
  • Late Cybermen - Shiny but strong cybernetic villains with a weakness for gold
  • The Kandyman - He makes sweets that kill


The game was similar to Top Trumps: Doctor Who.

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Who Trumps at the BBC website


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