Who Peter was a Royal Television Society Award-winning, two-part documentary hosted by Gethin Jones and written, produced and directed by Chris Chapman.[fn 1][1] It appeared on two separate Doctor Who DVD releases. In sum, the two parts explored the long relationship of Doctor Who and Blue Peter. The first part — subtitled Partners in Time 1963-1989 — dealt with Blue Peter's role in helping to promote the 1963 version of Doctor Who, while the second part concentrated on the period from the show's cancellation in 1989 through the RTD era. Part one was included on The Horns of Nimon release, which, only in Region 2, was an indivisible part of the Myths and Legends boxset. Part two was included on the 2010 re-release of Doctor Who (1996).[2]

Part One, Partners in Time 1963-1989[edit | edit source]

Part Two, A New Regeneration 1989-2009[edit | edit source]

Other uses of the name[edit | edit source]

"Who Peter" is an obvious pun which has been otherwise used by Blue Peter and Doctor Who for cross-promotion. In the BBC Wales era alone, it has been at least twice used to describe various Blue Peter competitions involving Doctor Who. For instance, it was the name of the event which landed Blue Peter viewer, John Bell, a role in Utopia.[3] It was also the — arguably unofficial — name of the competition to design a TARDIS console that was seen in series 5.[4]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Technically, Chapman won the "Best Newcomer Award" for only part one, as the second part had not been released at the time of judging. He also won for his then-released body of work for Dene Films, which included Who Peter, Taking a Dive, and The World Changed.

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