Who Killed Toby Kinsella? was a full cast audio anthology released in July 2016 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

A special feature-length release, forging a new era for Counter-Measures!

It’s Christmas 1973. Nearly ten years have elapsed since the Counter-Measures group vanished. Only one of the remaining members is officially alive. But that is about to change.

When Sir Toby is killed by an enigmatic assailant, his friends fly in from around the globe to attend the funeral where they discover that the truth of their colleague’s murder lies hidden in his past.

A dangerous killer is out for revenge. A terrible assassination is planned. When ghosts walk the street, there’s only one team you need.

1. Who Killed Toby Kinsella? by John Dorney

2. The Dead Don't Rise by Ken Bentley

Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1 Who Killed Toby Kinsella? John Dorney Ken Bentley Mikhail 7 July 2016 BFPCMSPEC01
2 The Dead Don't Rise Ken Bentley

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