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Who Is The Master? was the sixth in-universe webcast in the TARDIS Index Files series.


Find out everything the TARDIS knows about the Master in this Index File of our Monsters of the Month!


In the console room of the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS, the scanner screen begins playing the Ship's Index File on the individual now calling herself Missy. After showing holograms of several faces of the villain, the TARDIS begins to relate the Master's life.

However, the File only gets as far as the Doctor and Master staring into the Untempered Schism, back when they were comrades, before a flight of bananas passing over the screen and a "Celestial Intervention Agency Warning" reveal that the video has become "corrupted". Scrawled begins to appear live onto the video, and then a projection of the Time Lady herself, as Missy takes over her own File!

She explains that after the Doctor left the Academy he became a "goody-two-shoes", while she became "bananas", going "out to party" by spreading chaos and destruction. She explains that her past selves and the Doctor "fought and frolicked — because that's what friends do". Finally, she relates changing her name to Missy after ending up with her present face, though noting that although she may have a different name, she has the same agenda as ever — "Queens of Evil just want to have fun!".

Rather forebodingly, Missy bows out with the final message: "if you enjoyed this presentation, say something nice!"




Story notes[]

  • This webcast is presented as an in universe fact-file available on the TARDIS. It is not clear from whose point of view, if anyone's but the TARDIS's, the viewer is seeing the events unfold, but whoever they might be, the final line Missy adds to the video, "say something nice", suggests that she intends to murder them.


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