Who Is Davros? was the fifth in-universe webcast in the TARDIS Index Files series.

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Find out everything the TARDIS knows about Davros in this Index File of our Monsters of the Month!

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  • On Skaro, Thals and Kaleds were locked in a war that had raged for generations.
  • Davros was a Kaled scientist who created the Daleks as a way for his race to survive. But Davros worked without conscience, without soul, without pity and his machines were equally devoid of these qualities.
  • The Daleks left Skaro long ago. At times they have been commanded by Davros. He has been their lackey and their leader. A loving father and a vengeful god.
  • Davros's chair is equipped with life-support systems that activate when he is under attack.
  • Davros has an artificial hand that can direct deadly energy bolts.
  • The Doctor returned to Skaro and met Davros, encountering the Kaled when he was still a young child. The Doctor emphasized the importance of mercy. It is possible that this intervention persuaded Davros to imbue the Daleks with this quality.

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  • This webcast is presented as an in universe fact-file available on the TARDIS.
  • This webcast featured new 3D footage of the villains.

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