Doctor in Distress record

The group pictured on the Doctor in Distress record sleeve.

Who Cares? was the supergroup formed by Ian Levine to perform the song Doctor in Distress.

Members Edit

  • Faith Brown (comedian/actress)
  • Nicholas Courtney (actor - Brigadier)
  • Bobby G (singer with Bucks Fizz)
  • Nicola Bryant (actress - Peri)
  • Justin Hayward (singer - Moody Blues)
  • John Lodge (singer - Moody Blues)
  • Rick Buckler with his band Time UK(Drummer - The Jam)
  • Warren Cann (musician - Ultravox)
  • Phyliss Nelson (US musician with a current hit Move Closer)
  • Anthony Ainley (actor - Master)
  • Colin Baker (actor - Sixth Doctor)
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