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Who Are The Zygons? was the seventh in-universe webcast in the TARDIS Index Files series.


Find out everything the TARDIS knows about the Zygons in this Index File of our Monsters of the Month!


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  • Zygons have the ability to change their appearance replicating the external features of different lifeforms.
  • Zygons can telepathically detect people you know and precisely imitate their appearance.
  • Zygons have deadly stingers in their hands and tongues and are much stronger than humans.
  • The Zygons' home planet burnt in the early days of the time war. Now they seek another planet they can shape into their new home.
  • The Zygons have tried to conquer Earth and forcibly claim it as their world many times. But the Doctor, often assisted by UNIT, has foiled every attempt.
  • The Doctor helped broker a peace allowing Zygons to live covertly amongst humans. This precarious harmony was threatened by the Zygon known as Bonnie. But the Doctor persuaded her to work with humanity for an enduring peace.
  • Any race is capable of the best and the worst, every race is peaceful and warlike, good and evil. The Zygons are no exception. In a nightmare scenario, one rogue Zygon could trigger a war.

Story notes[]

  • This webcast is presented as an in universe fact-file available on the TARDIS.
  • This webcast featured new 3D footage of the villains.


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