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Who Are The Silence? was the third in-universe webcast in the TARDIS Index Files series.


Find out everything the TARDIS knows about the the Silence in this Index File of our Monsters of the Month!


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  • Silents are tall humanoids with monstrous faces and dodgy suits.
  • Silents have the ability to shoot death rays from their hands.
  • Silents edit themselves out of the memory of observers the moment they look away, forgetting orders implanted by them.
  • The Silents invaded planet Earth centuries ago; they are quoted to have "ruled it since the wheel and the fire."
  • The Doctor took a recording of the Silence saying "you should kill us all on sight."
  • The recording was added to the film of Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the Moon, resulting in the Silents inadvertently raising an army of humans to fight and throw them off Earth on July 20, 1969.
  • Eye Drives enable their wearer to remember the Silence, they also "look cool."
  • The Silence was a religious order created by Tasha Lem, existing to prevent the Doctor from speaking his name on Trenzalore; Tasha believed this would have triggered a new time war.
  • Some sided with the evil Kovarian and turned River Song into an assassin, bent on destroying the Doctor.
  • They were last heard of at Trenzalore. Since then, silence.

Story notes[]

  • This webcast is presented as an in universe fact-file available on the TARDIS.
  • This webcast featured new 3D footage of the villains.
  • The Silence is identified as the religious order. The Silents themselves are referred to as "Silence" throughout.


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