White Daleks were Daleks who were distinguished by their white casings. (PROSE: Remembrance of the Daleks)


Imperial DaleksEdit

Dalek drones created by Davros in opposition to the Supreme Dalek were white with gold livery. Becoming known as Imperial Daleks, they fought an civil war with the Renegade Daleks loyal to the Supreme Dalek. Variants included the Special Weapons Dalek and Davros himself, as the Emperor Dalek. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks)

Time WarEdit

Pure white Daleks appeared during the Last Great Time War. (PROSE: Engines of War)

New Dalek ParadigmEdit

Following the Last Great Time War, a white Supreme Dalek served as leader of the five archetypes of the New Dalek Paradigm. (TV: Victory of the Daleks) Later, it became subordinate to the Dalek Emperor, (GAME: City of the Daleks) and then the Prime Minister of the Daleks. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

Post-Time WarEdit

White Daleks, identical in shape to the basic bronze Daleks, were among those that commandeered the Gallifreyan warship Starbane before it was destroyed by the Twelfth Doctor and Lumpy. (GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek)

Behind the scenesEdit

Dalek Hack White

A White Dalek. (NOTVALID: Dalek Hack)

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