Nurse Wheeler was an emergency room nurse at Walker General Hospital.

When the Seventh Doctor was admitted after suffering gunshot wounds on 30 December 1999, she helped make the initial diagnosis. She pointed out to Dr Salinger that the Doctor had three bullets in his body, none in apparently fatal locations. Following Dr Salinger's removal of the bullets, she noted that the Doctor's heart was badly fibrillating. This prompted Dr Salinger to call for emergency cardiac surgery. She assisted Grace Holloway during the operation. Later, after the Doctor's apparent death on the operating table, she brought Chang Lee in to speak with Dr Holloway, in the hopes of making a positive identification of the body.

She attended a New Year's Eve costume party at the hospital, at the dawn of the year 2000. (TV: Doctor Who)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The novelisation reveals details not present in the film. It gives her first name as "Angela". It also describes her as "senior" to Nurse Curtis, despite the fact she has far less screen time than Curtis.
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