You may be looking for the Travellers' Great Wheel.

The Wheel of Life, or the Great Wheel, but more simply called the Wheel, was a central aspect of some cultures, including the mythology of the Kinda on Deva Loka. It symbolised time and history, that civilisations rise and fall as the Wheel turned, and it was the Mara who turned the Wheel. Because of this, time was considered to be the curse of the Mara. (TV: Kinda)

When the Mara tried to start its empire earlier on Manussa, the possessed Dadda Desaka mentioned that the "Wheel of Time" was turning. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake)

The streets of many colonial outposts, such as Gadrell Major in 2387, were laid out in the Wheel of Life pattern. (PROSE: Infinite Requiem)

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