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What is inside the TARDIS? was an animated webcast trailer released in 2019 by Big Finish Productions on YouTube, advertising the release of the audio collection Ravenous 4. Rather than a conventional trailer, it was a self-contained, original animated scene featuring several Ravenous crawling inside the Doctor's TARDIS, which had materialised in a gloomy, fog-covered wasteland.


The Doctor's TARDIS has materialised in a gray wasteland covered in fog. Only the distant caw of a crow breaks the eerie silence. Through the slightly open doors, the fog enters the empty console room, where the Cloister Bell is ringing and minimalist red lighting replaces the usual blue. The words "INTRUDER ALERT" flicker onto the TARDIS scanner as the console whirrs to life, its many blue lights switching back on. A pan upwards releases that up in the rafters of the room, several inhuman shapes with glowing red eyes are lurking — and soon enough, one, revealing itself to be a Ravenous, leaps down with a prolonged shriek as the screen fades to black.