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What To Do If A Dalek Attacks You! was a short story original to The Dalek World, a Dalek annual of the 1960s. Like The Dalekreed, it was integrated with its illustration as text from the in-universe document whose origins were detailed in the main body of the short story was reproduced (typeset) within artwork of the framing of the document.


On a ruined wall in the destroyed Martian City of Marventos, a poster is found. It had been authored (and signed by hand) by the Minister of Space Defence of the planet and detailed what to do in case of a Dalek invasion.



  • The poster is entitled Dalek Defence Drill.
  • The Martians had "local defence commanders" during the Dalek invasion of Mars.
  • When running away from a Dalek, it is advisable to zig-zag and weave to make oneself a harder target for the Daleks' disintegrator.
  • Daleks have a highly developed hearing system.
  • Daleks cannot see the colour red. As such, wearing red clothing is a good way to escape the Daleks' notice, though it is far from foolproof, as Daleks have other ways of sensing the location of targets than sight.