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What Just Happened? was the fourth and final story in the audio anthology Stranded 3, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by John Dorney and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka, Hattie Morahan as Helen Sinclair, Rebecca Root as Tania Bell and Tom Price as Andy Davidson.

Publisher's summary[]

All actions have consequences. The path to victory or disaster is unclear unless seen from a different perspective…

With the lives of the entire human race at stake, the Doctor confronts a nemesis like no other. And not everyone will make it home.


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  • The chronology of this story is told in reverse, similar to Creatures of Beauty.
  • Playing on the format of recent Big Finish releases, even the audio credits are given at the beginning of the episode, before the Doctor Who theme and the first scene, with Liv and Tania, which takes place at the end.


  • Robin recalls his trip with the Doctor to a future devastated Earth. (AUDIO: Dead Time)
  • Helen mentions that the last resistance group they met imprisoned them for a week. (AUDIO: The Long Way Round)

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