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What's inside the Doctor Who LEGO set? was a narrative commercial for the the Doctor Who LEGO set, released on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. It was presented as an in-universe Gallifreyan broadcast, with Christel Dee (the host of Doctor Who: The Fan Show) appearing as her Time Lord alter-ego, Lady Estelle, a semi-recurring character in skits in The Fan Show.

Publisher's summary[]

We tune in to the Gallifrey Shopping Network to find out what's inside the LEGO® Doctor Who set…


On the Gallifreyan Shopping Network, it's "Earth Hour", describing products from Sol 3, Mutter's Spiral which might be of interest to Time Lords. A Time Lord presenter finishes telling viewers about the previous product — an unusually-valuable dustpan-and-brush set — before moving on to a "rather interesting item": a LEGO set celebrating the adventures of the Renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor.

The Time Lord then begins unpacking said set on-camera. After showing figures of two different incarnations of the Doctor (the Eleventh and Twelfth bodies of the renegade), she finds one of Clara Oswald which she only identifies as "one of the Doctor's human companions". She notes that as she learned when she took a degree in Earthonomics, the dress worn by Clara in this depiction was quite popular on Earth in her time period, and speculates that female fans of the Doctor may choose to dress like her based on this LEGO toy.

When coming to the Dalek figure, the Time Lord is rather flustered and embarrassed, explaining to her audience that Earth must be forgiven for not knowing "what we've had to deal with". She stresses that it is a harmless toy before quickly moving on to the Type 40 TT capsule, whose blue box shape she believes to be (again as per her recollections of her Earthonomics course) that of a 1960's policeman, further noting that as far as she knew, the function of these heavy policeman boxes was to be dropped on criminals from a great height as a form of punishment. She deems it "interesting" that the Doctor has chosen such an object as the form of his TARDIS.

Before a short advertisement break following which the show is to return, she finally issues a warning: any Gallifreyan customers who happen to have Nestene control spheres in their homes should be wary of the plastic figures of the two Doctors being converted into Autons.



Story notes[]

  • Christel Dee's Time Lord character, Lady Estelle, had first appeared in Charlieissocoollike In The TARDIS (an episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show proper), and reappeared, once more as a TV show host, in How To Make Doctor Who Cookies.