Weyland, also known as Volund, was an Elder God that battled with Fenric. His natural form contained many colours.

Weyland was the blacksmith of the Norse Gods and Fenric's true opponent. As the Black King, his pieces comprised his Smithy and the Doctor's TARDIS (the Black Castles), Sally Morgan (Black Queen who thinks she is a Knight), Lysandra Aristedes (the Knight who thinks she is a Bishop) and Hex.

Weyland claimed to have directly influenced the Forge, and also claimed to have been present in Perivale in 1987, watching Fenric's movement of Ace from the beginning.

Weyland had made an item called Weyland's shield, which could grant whichever Elder God had it omnipotence, of which Weyland had started to use the Doctor, Ace and Hex as pawns to track it down and give it to him.

Weyland had allied himself with Moloch, as Moloch was aware of Fenric's greed and intentions to possess the Shield. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

Eventually, Hex won enough money playing against Fenric and Weyland to buy his way back to life from Koloon. (AUDIO: Afterlife)

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