Professor Weston was a scientist who had worked on Station 7 to find how to use the Daleks' own technology against them. He was assisted by Hadleigh and Kustler. His main project was the creation of a pacified Dalek through genetic modification. When he presented the findings, he was met with resistance, voiced among others by a young Tranter since the SSS operative had already fought against the Daleks and he had his own opinions about them. Because of his outburst, Tranter was reassigned to the front lines, but would later return to command Station 7 at his own request.

Fearing Tranter had specifically chosen to return to halt his project, Weston jettisoned his laboratory onto the planet below to continue his research. He didn't realise that Tranter had been deliberately operated on by the Daleks to turn him into his agent so he could be used to find the Abomination after the Daleks learnt about Weston's work.

After emerging from the container, he was attacked by the natives, but later repaired his body with technology. He resided in the planet's abandoned ore refinery and used the abundance of lava and ice for steam power, undetectable by the Daleks. While on the planet Weston modified natives to assist him and created one pacified Dalek which valued life and was grateful to him.

Some years later he was found by the Eleventh Doctor and Tranter, who had escaped from Station 7 as he had before. They were soon followed by Jay Bourne and Amy Pond (whom he at first mistook for Dalek cooperators when they trusted a Dalek for help). He introduced them to his creation and prepared for the inevitable invasion of the Daleks. After setting a countdown for the nuclear reactor in the refinery to explode, he escaped with the others, taking his modified Dalek in the casing Jay and Amy had brought with them. When they encountered the Daleks, the one which accompanied them revealed itself as the original Dalek and they were taken prisoner.

Weston gave his research to Amy on a computer disc and distracted the Daleks so the others could escape and take his work to Earth. He was exterminated moments later. The Doctor remarked he was a "brave and dedicated man". (COMIC: The Only Good Dalek)

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