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Westminster, also known as the City of Westminster, was a borough in central London which contained the Houses of Parliament.

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The location of the borough of Westminster on Mr Smith's map. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

The borough of Westminster shared its north and north-eastern borders with Camden, the southern part of its eastern border with the City of London, its western border with Kensington and its north-western border with Brent. Its southern border was the River Thames, across which was Wandsworth to the west and Lambeth to the east. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

In the 13th century, a Rutan ship containing two doomsday weapons that could annihilate the Sontarans collided with the TARDIS, causing it crash into the future site of the Houses of Parliament. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

In 1605, the Eleventh Doctor moved Parliament safely into orbit, allowing the Rutan Lady Elizabeth Winters' ship to take off. The Doctor rendered Lady Winters' weapons useless, and returned Parliament to its rightful place. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

In the early 2000s, a suicide bomber targeted the Westminster tube station in protest against the Prime Minister's decision to take the United Kingdom closer to the European Union. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

In 2005, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler stepped out of the TARDIS in Westminster having lost the signal to a transmitter being used by the Nestene Consciousness. Rose worked out that the transmitter was the London Eye, located just across the River Thames from where they were standing. (TV: Rose)

In 2008, Coldfire Construction put up a new technology block in one of the schools in Westminster. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

In 2009, Polly Wright worked in the City of Westminster. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

After a wave of Shakri cubes arrived on Earth, hundreds of them could be seen outside Westminster. (TV: The Power of Three)

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