Wester Drumlins

The exterior of Wester Drumlins. (TV: Blink)

Wester Drumlins was an old, uninhabited house in London.

The house was the dwelling place of four Weeping Angels. They fed off of the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones' potential energy, among other people, sending them back in time.

The police found and retrieved empty cars and the Doctor's TARDIS from these disappearances. In 2007, photographer Sally Sparrow found a message from the Doctor inside, written under the wallpaper and addressed to her, which dated from 1969. On a second visit, Sally's friend, Kathy Nightingale, was taken by the Angels to 1920. Shortly after, Kathy's grandson, Malcolm Wainwright, sent a letter from Kathy to Sally, written shortly before her death in 1987, explaining what had happened. After following the Doctor's DVD Easter egg, Sally returned with Larry Nightingale and helped activate the Doctor's trap, permanently freezing the Weeping Angels in place with them staring at each other. (TV: Blink)

Thomas Flyte included a newspaper article on the Wester Drumlins disappearances in a collection of papers relating to Weeping Angels. (PROSE: Living History)

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