The Werelox (singular: Werelok) were a space-faring species of lycanthropes.


The Werelox were employed by the Daleks as footsoldiers to wipe out the New Earth System so the Daleks could breed a Dalek super race there. The Daleks had used their time transporter to bring the Werelox to the 25th century from "many years ago". The Fourth Doctor was nearly turned into one, but devised a cure inside his TARDIS. Brill led the Forty-ninth Werelok Pack, while Borox was the Werelok general. Brill was hypnotised and helped the Doctor freeze the Dalek battlecraft with the other Werelox on board in one moment in time with the Daleks' time transporter, and stayed on New Earth to teach the army how to fight. Borox was exterminated by the Daleks for failing to capture the space freighter the Spacehog as a lesson in discipline for the other Werelox. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom)

They were members of the Galactic Federation, and three Werelox athletes were present at the Olympics in 3999. (PROSE: Placebo Effect) They had venom ducts in their claws and fangs which could transform humans and Time Lords into Werelox, although they would still maintain their consciousness. These Werelox were destructive and would lash out at surrounding objects. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom)

A Werelok politician was present at Josiah W. Dogbolter's 500th birthday party. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

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