Wells Wood was a forested area on at Stockbridge's border. It was the site of much alien activity in the town. Indeed, it was where the Fifth Doctor landed his TARDIS on his very first trip to Stockbridge, and the place where he met Maxwell Edison. (COMIC: Stars Fell on Stockbridge) On another trip, the Doctor again left his TARDIS in Wells Wood, only to have the woodland erupt in a raging forest fire. The fire lasted a full 48 hours and left 20 acres — virtually the entirety of the wood — scorched. Firefighter John Harvey from Stockbridge lost his life in the blaze. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Horror) In 1996, Max and Izzy Sinclair went on a skywatch in Wells Wood and when they returned they found the village had been taken over by the Celestial Toymaker. (COMIC: Endgame)

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