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Welcome to the TARDIS... was a televised minisode that teased the introduction of Dan Lewis and his future meeting of the Thirteenth Doctor. It was broadcast immediately after TV: Revolution of the Daleks.

Publisher's summary[]

The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz are set to welcome a new face to the TARDIS later this year as actor and comedian John Bishop as Dan.


In a suburban area of Liverpool, Dan Lewis' friend reads Dan his horoscope, telling him that "Aries, surprises lie in store this year, the colour blue will be important, and the letter D. Your lucky number is thirteen, be prepared for action, and what ever hurdles come your way, just remember, it's not the end of the world". As his friend finishes, Dan closes his van, turns, and smiles.



Story notes[]

River Mersey

  • Dan's horoscope heavily foreshadows the Thirteenth Doctor and the adventures to come.
  • When Dan turns around a few brief closeups of Dan from TV: The Halloween Apocalypse are shown.
  • Dan's friend is played by Craige Els, who also played Karvanista in Dan's first full series.
    • According to Els, the colours of his character's shirt is intentionally the same as Karvanista's battle armour.[3]
  • Although not made explicit in Welcome to the TARDIS..., the River Mersey is Liverpool's main river which runs along Liverpool's waterfront, including Pier Head.


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