Weezie was a serf girl. She learnt advanced electronics at Lunar University, before before coming to a planet where the colony ship crashed and created a medieval society with space-age technology. She was originally known as Lady Louisa of the Giants' Vale, and as "Lady Louisa", won the hunting tournament every year until she was "poisoned" and took up another role as a serf. She joined the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Lord Mortigan and Sir Edryc Dragonsbane to face off against the Dragon Lord after he freed the enslaved dragons, causing the murder the royal family on a planet. After Mortigan killed a baby dragon, its parents attacked, splitting the group in half. Eventually finding the Red Castle, the group reunited, Sir Edyrc having not made it, and found that the Dragon Lord had been killed, believing they would have been grateful to him for liberating them. After the Doctor and Clara reached the TARDIS, the Doctor called rescue ships for the surviving colonists to leave the dragons in peace. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

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