A miniature Weeping Angel was hidden in a comic book package by the Eleventh Doctor and Alice Obiefune (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Angels) in order to alter history. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

History Edit

At some point, this miniature Weeping Angel ended up in the Weeping Angel Museum in the year fifty squillion. (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Angels)

After stopping the alternate Twelfth Doctor and hearing about the alternate Gabby Gonzalez's experience with the Weeping Angel, the Eleventh Doctor promised to locate the right Weeping Angel and plant it in the comics package to ensure history went as it should. (COMIC: Four Doctors) In order to do this, the Doctor visited the Weeping Angel museum to locate the right Weeping Angel that would shunt Gabby exactly the right distance down her timeline. After locating this miniature Weeping Angel, the Doctor borrowed it from the museum and placed it in a package with a viewing device to keep it docile. While the Doctor distracted the newsagent, Alice switched out the actual package with the Doctor's comics for the package containing the Weeping Angel. (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Angels)

Alternate timeline Edit

In an alternate timeline, Gabby Gonzalez, while on the run from the Voord, opened the package supposedly containing the Eleventh Doctor's comics. The miniature Weeping Angel actually inside grew to full size and displaced Gabby in Paris in 1923. The Voord following Gabby saw the Weeping Angel and considered it Gabby's gravestone.

After relaying the story to her past self, Clara Oswald and Alice Obiefune, Gabby theorised that the Weeping Angel was specifically selected and placed in the package in order to alter history. She then disappeared from existence. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

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