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Weeks was the head steward on board the R101 in 1930. He served from 1914-1918 as a Lance Corporal. He hinted to Charlotte Pollard that he had fought in the Somme.

He chastised Charley when he found out she was a stowaway. He offered some coffee to Rathbone, but Rathbone couldn't open his cabin because he was being attacked by a Vortisaur, later known as "Ramsay". The Eighth Doctor helped Weeks force the cabin door open and poured Weeks' coffee into Ramsay's mouth to free Rathbone from its grasp. They later captured Ramsay. Lord Tamworth recommissioned Weeks to lance corporal after the R101 made contact with the Triskele flying saucer. When the Uncreators were freed from their imprisonment, Weeks ordered his men to fire at them. According to the Doctor, everyone aboard the R101 was killed when it crashed in France.

Weeks was "not too keen" about seeing blood, which Mrs Weeks baited him about. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

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