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Gwen Cooper in her wedding dress. (TV: Something Borrowed)

A wedding dress was typically worn by the bride in the ceremony of marriage.

Tardis rescue bride

Donna Noble jumps from a moving car in her wedding dress. (TV: The Runaway Bridge)

Donna Noble was fitted for her wedding dress at Chez Alison in anticipation of her marriage to Lance Bennett on 24 December 2007. When the Tenth Doctor asked her if she had a mobile phone on her person, an irate Donna ranted that she could hardly keep such an item in a pocket, as wedding dresses were not fitted with pockets. After being kidnapped by a Roboform taxi driver, Donna had to jump into the Doctor's TARDIS from a moving car on a motorway, after much protest about being in her wedding dress. (TV: The Runaway Bridge)

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