A wedding cake was a cake which was traditionally served at a wedding. (TV: Something Borrowed, The Big Bang, PROSE: Happy Endings)

The Third Doctor asked Jo Grant to save him a piece of wedding cake when she announced her upcoming marriage to Clifford Jones. (TV: The Green Death)

At the reception of Donna Noble and Lance Bennett's wedding, an explosion caused by a Roboform Christmas tree caused a male guest to land on the wedding cake. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

As the best man of Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams' wedding, Banana Boat was to personally check, among other things, the wedding cake. (TV: Something Borrowed)

Hearing Clyde Langer speak with K9 Mark IV, hidden underneath a table, at Sarah Jane Smith and Peter Dalton's wedding, Luke Smith questioned "you brought the dog?", to which Clyde replied "what did you think was under there, the wedding cake?" (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

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