Watch Out – Dragon's Claws Here's Death's Head! was one of the stories published in The Incomplete Death's Head. A part of a database created by Hob of the life of Death's Head, the story was a reprint of one published in 1987.

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Scout Two, in surprise, spots Death's Head from above. His superiors let him investigate, so he descends from his aircraft.

Meanwhile, Death Nell tells Slaughterhouse the stranger could be convinced to aid them in their hour of need. He agrees. Rob and Bob also notice, thinking he may be a reinforcement from the Evil Dead.

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  • This 22-page story consists of a reprint of the last page of the Marvel UK Dragon's Claws comic story Wild in the Country! followed by the comic story from the next issue, commonly called Here's Death's Head!, without its last page.
  • The only connection of these 1988 Dragon's Claws stories to Doctor Who Universe was Death's Head's oblique mention of the Seventh Doctor and the events of The Crossroads of Time on the title page of the second story, "Tricked by a feeble time traveller and dumped here!" The mention was supplied with an explicit out-of-universe reference to "Doctor Who Magazine #135" in a footnote. This wiki did not consider such a reference sufficient to warrant the validity of the 1988 Dragon's Claws stories.
  • The validity of the 1993 version printed in the first issue of The Incomplete Death's Head comic series is due to it being contained in-universe within the Death's Head Interactive Archive compiled by Hob on Maruthea. Accordingly, only this 1993 reprint can be referenced on in-universe pages. Other reprints, as well as most of the story in Dragon's Claws #4 and the character introduced on the last page of Dragon's Claws #5 remain invalid. Neither they nor additional information about valid characters originating from other issues of Dragon's Claws can be used on in-universe pages. For instance, Golding mentioned in the story should only be known by his last name because his first name is not present in the 1993 reprint.
  • At least two explicit references to previous Dragon's Claws issues pointing to the existing backstories of Golding and Starick have been removed compared to the original versions. In the latter case, the asterisk remained visible.

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