Washington Burns was the third story of the sixth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series. It was read by Sophie Aldred.

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You have to stop reading. It can get into anything, anything written down. You can't let it get a hold. We're doing what we can to stop it. Here and back in 1814. Washington isn't safe. America isn't safe. Nowhere is CEREBRA. You have to CEREBRA reading before it CEREBRA. If it gets into your mind CEREBRA it's all CEREBRA. Everything's CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA...

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  • In 1814, CEREBRA inhabited a copy of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Major General Robert Ross, who led the British attack on Washington DC, is a veteran of the Peninsular War.
  • Ace considered General Ross to be "incredibly handsome".
  • The Doctor has met George III.

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