The Warsong was a Sontaran world engine weapon. It could weaponise entire planets by rewriting and leeching the resources of the planet, including its people, buildings, oceans and mountains. It was created during the Fifty-first Star Fall Campaign to counteract the heavy losses the Sontarans were taking from the Rutan Host. However, the weapon was unable to be deployed. The mortally wounded Surnat Gaq took the Warsong to Earth, where it lay dormant until World War II. In 1941, after the Rutan Heinz Bruckner acquired a trigger mechanism and found the stirring Warsong, he began to activate the Warsong with the device. The device did not create the Warsong, but it could control and direct its preset programming to help it along. The Warsong was eventually destroyed by the Twelfth Doctor so that neither side could claim the weapon for themselves to use against the other when he disrupted its tune "broke all the instruments in the orchestra" with his sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)

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