Warp shunt or warp-shunt was a travel technology that allowed the user to attain escape velocity from a planet (PROSE: Autonomy) and travel through space. Using a time rift, it could also achieve time travel. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

Warp shunt interfaces possessed internal drive circuits, directional warp-shunt vectors, an anti-bumping coagulant, and gravity compensation diodes, all powered by the warp-shunt core. The energy units of the Nestene Consciousness used warp shunt to travel, a swarm being able to energise the Consciousness and link to the warp-shunt output, giving it a massive influx of power.

One Nestene manifestation became damaged and landed on Earth in 1983, confused and disoriented. (PROSE: Autonomy) Another invasion infiltrated Earth in 2005. (TV: Rose)

In 2010, the red and yellow automatons used a warp shunt to transport all the humans (except for Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra, who had been grounded by the Judoon) away from Earth and into another dimension. They were later returned by the same method. (TV: The Empty Planet)

The Hokrala Corp used the Cardiff Rift and warp shunt to travel from the 49th century to the 21st century. The many items they sent through damaged the fabric of the rift, causing it to open. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

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