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Dr Warlock was an English physician and childhood friend of Marcus Scarman who lived in the village close to Scarman's priory and his brother Laurence's lodge.

Biography Edit

In 1911, following Marcus Scarman's disappearance on his expedition in Egypt, Warlock forced entry into Scarman's house despite Ibrahim Namin's orders to Collins not to admit anyone. Warlock demanded to know why Namin had forbidden Laurence from entering the house. Namin tried to show him a letter supposedly written by Marcus explaining why no one could be admitted, but Warlock rejected it, declaring it to be a forgery.

Warlock threatened to go to the police if he was not given a satisfactory explanation to his inquiry. He said that he had been following up on the matter himself, making a number of inquires in Cairo. However, their conversation was interrupted by a scream coming from one of the backrooms. Rushing in, they found that it was Collins, who had been strangled. Warlock wanted to go to the police, but he was shot by Namin so that he could tell no one. However, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith prevented the shot from killing him.

With Warlock still suffering from a bullet wound, the Doctor carried him to Laurence's lodge, narrowly evading the Sutekh's robot mummies. He was given aid there and retired to a sofa. Later, while the Doctor, Sarah and Laurence were investigating, Marcus, under Sutekh's control, entered the lodge and had one of the mummies kill Warlock. Sarah later covered his body with a blanket. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

The priory burned down that night after Sutekh's defeat. One newspaper reported Warlock had been one of the victims of the fire. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars)

Behind the scenes Edit

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