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War Seed was the second story in the audio anthology Missy and the Monk, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Johnny Candon and featured Michelle Gomez as Missy and Rufus Hound as the Monk.

Publisher's summary[]

Missy takes the Monk to Earth to make a point – she can be nice if she wants. In fact, she can save the planet! While the Monk tries to charm the corporate sharks, Missy makes them a better offer. To supply the ultimate warrior, created in the ultimate war...


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  • Missy has apparently tweeted a picture of the Monk while he was "on the loo".
  • The Monk's TARDIS first disguises itself as a Chevy 67, then into a Police Box and finally a suitcase on wheels.
  • The Monk finds humans very attractive, including male and female.
  • Richard Temple is selling regeneration. Instead of changing body, they simply deage and get better looking.
  • Missy threatens to use all her guns to make Richard Temple's office look like a "dropped lasagna".
  • Richard refers to Missy as "Nanny McPhee".
  • The Seed was found drifting in Arkansas. The Seed was "acquired" by a certain expert institution and later sold to Temple.
  • The Master created the Seed - a War Seed - by using her own DNA. She made more than one. Due to her DNA being present, the War Seed's face keeps changing between the Master's faces. A War Seed embeds itself into a society and turns the populace into soldiers that answer to the Time Lords.
    • Missy suggests that if Temple returns her son, she will offer him the army left behind.
  • Missy once again refers to the Monk as "Monkey".
  • In a state of panic, Murph regenerates (or degenerates) into a monster resembling a cheetah-human hybrid. The Monk contemplates whether this regeneration was based on pure survival.
  • The Seed could see somewhat into the future, knowing that Brad was going to die. He was also able to sense his brothers.
  • On a previously seeded planet, the bloomed War Seed had transformed the Cheetle populace into weapons.
  • The War Seeds have TARDIS DNA woven through him, allowing them to dematerialise on the spot.
  • Temple states that he acquired the Seed in 1985 and has had him for 35 years, placing this story in 2020.


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