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The War Game was a "game" created by the War Lords on a planet built to resemble Earth. According to the War Chief, humans had been selected because they were the most vicious species of all and that for nearly half a million years they'd been systematically killing each other which made them perfect for the War Lord's goals.

The War Lords took humans, mostly soldiers, from many different wars and military conflicts from throughout Earth's history. The game was divided into eleven zones, each representing a different conflict. The War Lords didn't capture any humans after Earth year 1917; they judged too great technical knowledge could be dangerous. The plan of the game was to gather the best soldiers to create an army big enough to conquer the galaxy.

Zones in the War Game included the Greek Zone, the Roman Zone, the 30 Years War Zone, the English Civil War Zone, the Peninsular War Zone, the American Civil War Zone, the Mexican Civil War Zone, the Crimean War Zone, the Boer War Zone, the Russo-Japanese War Zone and the 1917 War Zone, referring to the World War I conflict. In each of the time zones, there were War Lord commanders to ensure the games proceeded smoothly and there were equipped with eyeglasses to hypnotise the humans into doing their bidding or to make them forget certain details.

Great care went into the war zones to make them authentic - in the American Civil War Zone, there was a barn complete with hay, whereas in the 1917 War Zone there was a French Chateau and trenches complete with machine gun emplacements and barbed wire.

People taken to the War Game included Roman soldiers, a redcoat, Ivan Petrov, Sgt Thompson, Corporal Riley, Leroy, Harper, Arturo Villar, Russell, Lt Jeremy Carstairs, Major Barrington, Sgt Willis, Captain Ransom, Sgt Major Burns, Commandant Gorton, Lt Crane, Du Pont, Lt Lucke, Lady Jennifer Buckingham, Spencer and Moor. (TV: The War Games)

After the failure of the War Games following Time Lord interference, the War Lords considered that maintaining control over many different people from many different time periods had been too complex. They resolved to attempt the same basic plan again but to focus on a single united army, selecting Nazi Germany as an ideal focal point. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

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