Wanda was the name of a Silurian who decided to settle in Twycross, Earth to tend to the Reptile House long after her species had all but gone extinct. While practical at her position, her inability to understand the most basic elements of the difference between her time and the present would often lead to disastrous situations.

Biography Edit

On one occasion, Wanda decided to check up on the monkey enclosure at the zoo since their handler was out sick. Wanda then discovered a group of humans outside the enclosure and trapped them inside, believing that they were also monkeys. Because of this, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler eventually travelled to her house to discover why she had done this. Upon comprehending the misunderstanding, they took her to the monkey enclosure. There they attempted to teach her the primary differences between the two species, although she did not easily comprehend many of these. Eventually she claimed that she understood and asked to be left alone with the monkeys. Once the Doctor and Rose were gone, she dressed all of the monkeys up like the Doctor, believing that she would now be able to tell them apart from humans, and taunted them with a banana.

Personality Edit

Wanda tended to be very blunt about her feelings towards humans, snapping at Rose's jest at the expense of the Pancake Tortoise while noting that his environment had been destroyed by humans in their attempt to create "progress." She would prove insistent that there was no difference between humans and monkeys, and would even negate the suggestion that humans had more developed speech patterns. Eventually, she used her gained insight about the two species to taunt the monkeys, calling herself the dominant race. (COMIC: Untitled)

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