A Walkman was a device developed around the 1960s. It would make sound if someone put a tape in it. (PROSE: Nuclear Time)

In 1983, Professor Grisenko often listened to songs by Ultravox and Duran Duran on his Walkman while aboard the Soviet submarine Firebird. (TV: Cold War)

Later Walkman models were capable of playing CDs. In 2002, Ace acquired a CD-Walkman from Paul Tanner, (AUDIO: The Fearmonger) which she took with her to October 1944. There, it was acquired by Nazi scientists, who developed laser technology from studying it, enabling Germany to win World War II. (AUDIO: Colditz)

Guthrie listened to a Walkman while patrolling the island on which Vincent Wheaton was being held. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

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