Walker General Hospital was a large hospital in San Francisco.

In 1999, Grace Holloway worked there as a cardiologist. On 30 December of that year, the Seventh Doctor was brought there after being shot by a criminal gang. After the Doctor died under anaesthesia and his body disappeared from the morgue, hospital administrator Swift covered up the incident, prompting Grace to quit. (TV: Doctor Who)

However, the Doctor's body was not stolen from the morgue, the Doctor experienced a delayed regeneration into his eighth incarnation on 31 December 1999. (TV: Doctor Who)

Other known members of the hospital's staff included surgical nurse Curtis, emergency consultant Dr Salinger, emergency room nurse Wheeler and morgue attendants Pete and Ted. (TV: Doctor Who)

Behind the scenes[]

The name on the toe says "Walker General Hospital". (TV: Doctor Who)

On-screen, the name of the hospital is not given in any dialogue, and can only be seen clearly on the toe tag the Doctor wears throughout his regeneration cycle; no other name tags, signage, or other graphics clearly reveal it. The printed script and the novelisation confirm that this is the hospital's name.