Wakeling was a geneticist.

Whilst doing research on Heritage, Melanie Bush came to him for help in conceiving a child. Instead of creating one normally, he made a clone of her. Furious when she found the truth out, she argued with him. He accidentally killed her in front of her husband Ben Heyworth, who went into shock and never recovered.

Wakeling took the child, named her Sweetness, and raised her. When he was going to reveal his accomplishment via interstellar conference, the Seventh Doctor told the viewers about the murder. Then the Sheriff, no longer able to cope with the guilt of his complicity in covering up the crime, came in to arrest Wakeling. Bernard killed him to protect his boss, and the conference was ruined. Wakeling later fell into a hole opened up by the mines being dynamited. The Doctor tried to rescue him, but Sweetness found the tool that killed Mel and dropped it on him. Wakeling grabbed at it, losing his grip and falling to his death. (PROSE: Heritage)

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