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Wake was the seventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Farewells. It was written by Jake Elliot. It featured the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan.


As Verin attends to his duties on the Necropolitan, he notices that the Doctor is here with two of his friends. Later, there seems to be some kind of disturbance at the Necropolitan, and the Doctor seems to be involved.

Verin learns from Nyssa, the Doctor's friend, that there has been a murder here. He attends to a ceremony that he has to perform, and learns from Cora that the Doctor is helping the Solemn Ones deal with the murder.

The next day, as Verin attends to other tasks, he hears a pounding on a closet door. He opens the door to find the Doctor and his friends within. They thank him for releasing them and head off in a hurry while Verin heads for his next task.

Later, Verin watches as the Doctor and his friends leave after being thanked by the Solemn Ones. Verin wonders what it was all about but comforts himself with the knowledge that nothing ever happens at the Necropolitan.




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  • The Doctor and his companions have just witnessed Adric's death. (TV: Earthshock)