Wai-Chun was a prisoner at Alcatraz. He was convicted of murdering an entire family that had criticised his father's chow mein.

Wai-Chun led a gang in prison. One day he and his gang members chased security officer Ned Leech down the cell block, with Reinkemeyer catching him. Brad Travers killed Reinkemeyer, and Leech punched Wai-Chun. Wai-Chun spent two days in solitary.

Later, Wai-Chun was eating spaghetti in the canteen when he was provoked by the Seventh Doctor, posing as a prisoner. The Doctor thought Wai-Chun was a Threckon in disguise, and wanted to provoke it into showing itself. Wai-Chun had no idea what the Doctor was talking about, and it was revealed that Leech was the Threckon. It killed Wai-Chun. (PROSE: Inmate 280)

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