Vulpanans were the native humanoid species of Vulpana. Over millennia, their blood flowed with the tides of the planet's four moons, until lycanthropy became part of their evolution, although not all Vulpanans could change.

On "ancient Vulpana," a few hundred years before Mags was born, there were millions of Vulpanans, with the lycanthrope nobles of the Four Great Houses ruling the planet. Each House had clans and status came from being either a pureblood or alpha, with omegas being looked down on. Subjects such as medicine, science, and technology were considered only for peasants, and they did not have spaghetti. Criminals were used as prey in the great hunts. (AUDIO: The Moons of Vulpana)

Were mags

A transformed Vulpanan. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Captain Cook later stole Mags from Vulpana, claiming that she was unqiue and would've had a silver bullet in her head had he not taken her. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) After having travelled to so many planets, Mags claimed that she couldn't return home because her people ripped apart anything that didn't belong. (AUDIO: The Monsters of Gokroth)

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