Voracious Craw were wormlike creatures.

Biology Edit

Craws resembled tapeworms. They grew to huge sizes, looking like a continent when viewed from space. Craws were always hungry, and would eat anything, be it animal, mineral or vegetable.

Anything below the mouth of a Craw was pulped and channelled into the mouth itself, but the Craw did not actually touch the food. The disturbance of a Craw moving sent technology haywire.

When a Craw arrived at a planet, the first thing that it did was check to see if another Craw had arrived there first. If one had not, the Craw devoured everything on the planet that it could. If it met another Craw, the larger one was left to feed and the smaller one departed. (PROSE: Sick Building)

History Edit

A Craw began devouring Tiermann's World. It was headed for the Tiermann family home, the only settlement on the planet. The Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones and Solin Tiermann used the amplified sound of burps to mimic another Craw. This scared the Craw away.

The sound of a larger Voracious Craw could be modelled by playing back and distorting human burps, and this technique was used to great effect to save the inhabitants of Tiermann's World. (PROSE: Sick Building)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The cover of Sick Building shows the Craw with teeth but this is not so.
  • Voracious means "ravenous" or "greedy".
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