The Vondraxian orbs were ancient devices created by the Vondrax.

Appearance and abilities[]

The Vondraxian orbs were spherical objects, the size of footballs and made of an unknown metal. Though small and hollow, they weighed over forty kilogrammes. The metal shared properties with zinc and titanium, but was neither. There were small inscriptions on the outside in an unknown language.

The Vondraxian orbs stored Tachyon radiation for the Vondrax, allowing them to survive past the Big Bang. (PROSE: Trace Memory)


Vondraxian orbs were created by the Vondrax when their supplies of tachyons were running low. Many found their way to Earth at different times, either by accident or design. These orbs would be found, transported to certain places and then taken back by the Vondrax.

In 1352 BC, an orb was found in Egypt. The Vondrax who came to get it back took the appearance of gods.

A Vondraxian orb was sent to Syria in the 3rd century, where it was worshipped by the Syrians as a god (the Sol Invictus). Emperor Elagabalus brought it to Rome in 219, changing the course of Roman history and producing Tachyons for the Vondrax.

In 1671, an orb was found in Japan. The Vondrax who came to get it back took the appearance of Samurai.

In 1878, an orb was found in Canada.

In 1922, an orb was found in São Paulo.

In 1927, an orb was found in Siberia. One person was exposed to the Tachyon radiation. The Russian government tried to extract the Tachyons by killing him, but the Tachyons dissipated after death.

An orb was buried under the Arctic in the 11th century BC, but was discovered in November 1953 by Nelson-Stanley. It was shipped to Torchwood Three, intended as a stopover to Torchwood One. However, it was affected by the Rift, releasing the tachyon radiation, killing three workers and dousing a fourth (Michael Bellini) in radiation. Michael was badly affected, causing him to jump in time. He was eventually brought to 1967, where he killed himself to stop the Vondrax. The orb was later dumped in the bay by Jack Harkness. (PROSE: Trace Memory)