The Vondrax were an ancient species, known only in myths and legends of the universe.

Biology Edit

The Vondrax fed on tachyons, which were common at the beginning of time. When this supply ran low, they followed Tachyon sources through time and space to feed on.

The Vondrax had a wide range of abilities:

  • They were capable of changing their appearance, possibly to fit in or to intimidate. They appeared as Samurai in Japan and gods in Egypt. When chasing Michael Bellini, they took the form of men in business suits with back eyes, pale skin and pointed teeth. Though human-like, they looked and sounded unnatural, with sallow skin and hissing voices.
  • By looking into their victims' eyes, they could kill them. This power didn't work on the immortal Jack Harkness and the effect was reversed, killing the Vondrax instead. They feared mirrors for the same reason.
  • They could travel in time, vanishing through a tear in space. With this ability, they could travel into the past and cause the creation of parallel universes, which would produce more Tachyons to feed on.
  • They also could telekinetically move things, cause things to burst into flames and induce electrical failure. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

History Edit

The Vondrax were the oldest species known in the universe, believed to have been born nanoseconds after the Big Bang. When the Tachyons they fed on started to run out, they created orbs to store the Tachyons. Over time, the orbs found their way to other planets. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

The Vondrax went to war with the Time Lords, a war which they ultimately lost. Before their defeat, the Vondrax created a paradox which caused one of Rassilon's generals to be erased from history. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

In 1953, an Orb was found in the Arctic and brought to Torchwood Three for study. Four people were sent to collect it, but the interactions of the orb with the Cardiff rift caused it to explode, killing three of them. The sole survivor, Michael Bellini, then gained the unwanted power of time travel. The Vondrax followed him through time to get back the Tachyons, taking the form of men in business suits.

When in Osaka, they threatened a young Toshiko Sato, but Michael left before they found him. In 2006, they followed him to Torchwood One, where they killed Charles Cromwell and Bev Stanley and destroyed much of their headquarters. In 2008, they tried to track him to Torchwood Three, but they were deterred by Jack Harkness and Michael was able to escape. In 1965, the Vondrax were able to track Michael to a secret KVI headquarters, where they killed the Russian soldiers who were trying to kidnap him. Michael eventually killed himself to stop the Vondrax from getting the Tachyons. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

The Vondrax were one of the species found on the Vandrogonite Visualiser owned by Torchwood Three. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

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