Roboanalyst Volar Crick (also called Vo) was an expert on robots.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Crick belonged to a First Family and married a woman named Jasdar, who came from a similar background. (AUDIO: Love Me Not) He worked at the Kaldor Company as a roboanalyst (AUDIO: The Robots of Life) with V98 assisting him and, due to his unrivalled skills in robotics, he earnt a lot of money. He was able to purchase a house in one of the wealthiest areas of Kaldor City and owned a large number of Dums. The Cricks had several children, including a son named Andar.

Crick was dedicated to his work which caused some distance between himself and his wife. This led her to begin an affair with Skellen, another employee of the Company. Crick confronted her when he became suspicious that she might be seeing somebody else, causing her to leave drunk. (AUDIO: Love Me Not) She got into an accident and Crick was present when she was taken by SV57 to theatre, where she was killed by Arak Varren because of the position that she held at the Company. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life)

Widowhood Edit

A funeral was held for Jasdar where Crick was given a number of bottles of wine, including a cheap bottle from Skellen who felt guilty about the affair. Skellen later sent SV39 to him to help him deal with his bereavement, as well as to aid with childcare. This resulted in him returning to work far sooner than expected. Upon his return, Skellen had him check SV57, which interested him due to it having shown signs of sentience. However, its number plate was removed so that he would not know that it was the one that killed his wife.

Crick used what he learnt from SV57 to nudge SV39 towards sentience. Without his knowing, this caused SV39 to think about its duties more creatively. It regularly accessed Jasdar's memory files to become her, believing that that would be the best way to assist the Cricks. Mentally unwell, Crick came to believe that SV39 was Jasdar.

Thanks to Skellen and Tula and Liv Chenka, Crick recognised his delusion. SV39 finally realised that what Crick wanted was Jasdar's forgiveness and gave it to him. Afterwards, Skellen called for a Mental Health Tech and he was taken away. Tula noted that his children would go into care. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

Personality Edit

Tula described Crick as being "one of the good ones", a decent and talented man. After he returned to work, he always looked tired and neglected to engage with any humans, staying in his lab and only interacting with robots. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

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