Volag-Noc was a cold, snowy planet used as a prison world by humans and the Shadow Proclamation. Volag-Noc had a large library, which its inmates could read during their imprisonment. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

History Edit

At some point, the Tenth Doctor was sent to Volag-Noc by the Shadow Proclamation for altering history by saving Emily Winter, along with a Sontaran, an Ogron and a Draconian. They were shot down before they reached Volag-Noc. (COMIC: Fugitive)

In the 40th century, Volag-Noc was run by robot Wardens and the android Governor Lok. Baltazar had been sent there twice. Here he had first learned of the Infinite and found the chip carriers were fellow prisoners Gurney, Captain Kaliko and the messenger Ulysees Meregrass, who got items into Volag-Noc for a fee. Kaliko and Baltazar escaped Volag-Noc. Gurney took over the prison and locked up Governor Lok, placing an inhibitor chip on him. When the Tenth Doctor came to Volag-Noc, he freed the Governor, who tried to kill all the prisoners under the reasoning they were beyond rehabilitation and it was pointless to keep them alive, forcing the Doctor to shut him down. Gurney fled from Volag-Noc prison with Baltazar on his tail atop his robotic bird Caw. Gurney shot down Caw with a concentrated laser blast to his reactor. Caw perished shortly afterwards when it burned out. Caw's son Squawk, at the time small enough to pass off as a brooch, had his presence revealed by Baltazar as a means of tracking the Doctor and his companion Martha Jones.

Baltazar killed Gurney, taking the final chip. With all of the chips needed to find the Infinite gathered, Baltazar stole the Doctor's TARDIS after the Doctor set the spatial coordinates, with Martha his hostage, leaving the Doctor stranded on the prison world. While the Doctor was trapped on the planet, he spent three years repairing the prison. He reprogrammed Lok to function as a docile governor and raised Squawk until he was big enough to fly through space. He left the planet atop Squawk and flew toward the Infinite with a breathing apparatus to survive in the airless space, travelling faster then light speed enabling him to move slightly back through time. He rescued Martha and reclaimed his TARDIS, then destroyed the vessel by using the sonic screwdriver to compromise its integrity. The Doctor left Baltazar in the care of Squawk to get off the crumbling Infinite, but the bird refused to left the criminal off scot-free and quickly returned to Volag-Noc. The Wardens redeposited him in his prison cell, where he swore everlasting vengeance on the Doctor. (TV: The Infinite Quest)

In 250339, Volag-Noc was still in use. Dirk Slipstream was sent there by the Doctor for murdering six hundred people, though he escaped after six years. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

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