Vladimir Garudin was a corrupt Russian businessman.

He was the son of a prostitute, but managed to reach a position of high status when he grew up by selling timepieces. He founded the company Kronometr.

Garudin recruited disgraced physicist Harald Skoglund to create a time machine for him, the Misl Vremya. It could be used to psychically travel along the timeline of an object connected to the machine, even allowing possession of someone in contact with the object. He gave timepieces to various world leaders, planning to use the Misl Vremya to control them and take over the world.

The Russian branch of UNIT learned of his plans and broke into Kronometr to secure the machine. Before they could capture him, he used it to escape into another host body. However, the only one available was a French soldier that was part of the invasion of Russia in 1812. He was killed by Dusha with his own bayonet. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

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