Vissey was a synthetic construct made by the Kaldor City Company.

Biography Edit

Vissey's source code was written by Kelov and her brain cloned from Professor Til Rork. After being activated, she had sessions with Professor Rork and used the socio-virtual networks to learn about being human, all the while being monitored by Kelov. On the networks, Vissey interacted with angry people and those who hated the Founding Families and successfully managed to rewrite her own source code to hide her thoughts from Rork and Kelov. She developed an interest in explosives, genocide and the Kaldoran class system.

After hacking the camera systems, Vissey discussed genocide with Rork and asked what would happen to her after she left the facility, expressing disinterest in being adopted. This led to Kelov and Tula and Liv Chenka deciding to have her put into stasis, prompting Rork to run away with Vissey as she knew she would. Upon knocking Rork out, Vissey fled with a comms unit which she used to pose as Rork thanks to the Kaldor Bionetwork.

Vissey went to a chemical wholesaler before heading to Kaldor Company Fusion Plant where she planned to cause a tritium leak that would cause food and drink on Kaldor to become toxic, believing that to do so would make her the perfect Kaldoran. Rork, Liv and Tula came after her and Rork used a sedative created by SV90 on her. (AUDIO: The Sentient)

Legacy Edit

The Vissey Project was ruled untenable and Tula said that a lot more work would be required before artificial intelligence would be attempted by the Company again. (AUDIO: The Sentient)

Personality Edit

Driven by her programming to become the perfect Kaldoran and influenced by cynical and toxic users of the socio-virtual networks, Vissey came to believe that Kaldoran society valued wealth and power above all. Seeking to obtain these was what led to her plan to cause a tritium leak. (AUDIO: The Sentient)

Appearance Edit

Vissey had the appearance of a ten-year-old girl. Liv remarked that she could easily pass for human. (AUDIO: The Sentient)

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